Mariana is excited to bring all of her training, knowledge, and expertise, to Cookeville!

Growing up in Kona, Hawaii, Mariana realized her passion for making people look and feel their best, so she followed that path, leading to her career as a licensed aesthetician.
In 2013, Mariana graduated from the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in Capitol Hill, Washington. She moved back to Hawaii and started her own skincare studio in Kona. After three successful years in business, she married her longtime love, Evan, who was in the Navy, and followed him to Western Washington. In Poulsbo for five years, Mariana had the opportunity to work alongside leading-edge master aestheticians, doctors, and nurse practitioners.

After Evan finished serving in the Navy, the couple decided they were ready for a change, wanting to buy acreage in a rural area. They did their research and found Tennessee Tech to be a perfect fit for Evan to complete his degree in the electrical engineering program and are happily creating their new home in the delightful Cookeville community.

If Mariana could do one service all day, everyday, she'd do Brazilian Sugaring!

In Mariana's spare time, she enjoys cooking, traveling, salsa dancing, and hanging out with her hairless Sphynx cats, Charlie and Luna.

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I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

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